what about muffins?

My sister was lucky enough to inherit the fashion genes, and sent me this t-shirt:

ugly cupcake

Besides being the most comfy shirt ever, I pretty much love it because it’s sort of true. Being the muffin of the family, I’ll pay some tribute to these hearty, breakfast-worthy, not-too-sweet-yet-still-satisfying treats. Even if they aren’t eye-candy in the way a cupcake can be.

Just this week I had some leftover blueberries- too mushy to enjoy fresh, but not bad yet- and the most natural progression was blueberry muffins! (I was getting sick of egg sandwiches/egg n’ cheese burritos for breakfast as well) Allrecipes.com has proven to be pretty solid if you follow the reviews, so I pulled up one of the recipes…”To Die For Blueberry Muffins” and had at it!









I didn’t do a fabulous job at distributing the berries but overall they were tasty enough. For a muffin, it was really sweet, next time I would reduce the sugar, and probably add more blueberries. Also, being somewhat lactose-intolerant, I never have real milk around the house, only soy, evaporated, or condensed. After this experiment, I’d stay away from using condensed milk in recipes. It made the batter really weird and sticky, sort of like toffee. It could have added to the overly-sweet flavor too. Too much sugar tends to make the cupcake/muffin resemble a sugar cookie (the crust on top and the flavor)… I’ve made that accident more than once!

More muffins to come!


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