“Cup” Cake

Another birthday this past weekend: my dear friend Megs, a lover of tea and coziness. What better than a tea theme!

This was truly my first real experience with fondant. Laur and I spent time agonizing in the kitchen about how to make a teacup cake… and then successfully cover it in fondant for that finished look.

Here’s our end result:


Indeed! I am always rushing to do the last minute touch-ups, i.e. covering up mistakes with frosting, so the colors were a bit weird (to me). I think she loved it though, that’ s all that counts.


On the bright side, this gave me a chance to purchase real gel food coloring! How exciting. I do get worked up about the little things.

I shall start practicing for the wedding cake soon. I have a feeling I’ll be throwing out tons of fondant! I am still experimenting with the idea of home-made, but thus far that has been FAIL. The pink mess is still sitting in an amorphous-saran-wrapped blob in my fridge. (Fondant above was store-bought… I’m not that good, yet πŸ˜‰ ).

A Blast from the Past

It surprises me to see that I’ve gotten some traffic, even though I haven’t updated in almost two months. Warms my heart πŸ™‚ even if they are accidental clicks of the mouse!

Anywho – I was going through some old photos and it appears that even pre-cake obsession, I still enjoyed baking and took photos of cakes/foods. I thought I’d bring ’em back.

My dear friend Jackie is an amazing baker and always bakes for everything (fundraisers, birthdays, for fun, you name it) and has a heart of gold. So to show her that we loved her and her baked goods, we held “Iron Chef” or rather “Iron Baker- Cake Off- Challenge” in honor of her birthday. I was on team “peach-ice-cream-cake”… and we ended up with this massive, 6 inch tall, dense ice cream cake that had melting frosting on it.


Note the strategically placed pineapple rings and peach slices. We decided to add a little pizazz with a flaming shot in the middle. It was definitely a different cake! The photo also shows shots of the other cakes: I think a strawberry shortcake, a sponge cake, and maybe something that resembles a scone. I don’t remember, but I liked this photo. And it’s true, cakes can be baked in dorm kitchens!… with a lot of effort.

Exhibit 2 is a cow cake for my favorite cow-lover, Amy. This was a pure carve and frost cake, also made in a dorm kitchen. Love it, I had some good times that year, and I’m missing it more and more each day.


I’ll stop strolling down memory lane now πŸ™‚

A big bite!

More birthdays! After the September lull, we are back in business. Two weeks ago we celebrated Ryen’s birthday with a ginormous burger cake. Having basically 2-3 hours to bake the entire thing, we quickly threw together the buns (cake), burger patty (giant soft double chocolate chip cookie), and lettuce, ketchup, and sesame seeds (butter cream frosting).


I learned that buttercream doesn’t really dye well with normal water-based foodcoloring, hence the light tints. Oh well πŸ™‚

A baking success? The cookie was evenly cooked through. For a 9″ diameter, this was a feat. I was afraid the sides would cook faster than the middle, so shaped the raw cookie dough as such:

big cookie bake

Don’t know if you can really tell in the photo, but basically I built up the sides and made the middle into an indentation, so that the entire thing would cook evenly. Simple solutions, I like!

Here’s after we dug in- quite the layerage:


Next time I’ll plan ahead for fries!