“Cup” Cake

Another birthday this past weekend: my dear friend Megs, a lover of tea and coziness. What better than a tea theme!

This was truly my first real experience with fondant. Laur and I spent time agonizing in the kitchen about how to make a teacup cake… and then successfully cover it in fondant for that finished look.

Here’s our end result:


Indeed! I am always rushing to do the last minute touch-ups, i.e. covering up mistakes with frosting, so the colors were a bit weird (to me). I think she loved it though, that’ s all that counts.


On the bright side, this gave me a chance to purchase real gel food coloring! How exciting. I do get worked up about the little things.

I shall start practicing for the wedding cake soon. I have a feeling I’ll be throwing out tons of fondant! I am still experimenting with the idea of home-made, but thus far that has been FAIL. The pink mess is still sitting in an amorphous-saran-wrapped blob in my fridge. (Fondant above was store-bought… I’m not that good, yet 😉 ).


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