Bengay and Phonebooks

Merry Christmas!!

It’s an understatement to say it’s wedding season.  I was recently asked to do a ceremonial wedding cake for a wedding that happened last Saturday, Dec. 19th. You know, one that can be cut into but doesn’t have to feed a bagillion people. Anyway, with all the excitement of the holiday season, the closing out of one of my rotations at work, and housing changes, I’ve been a crazed mess! But here’s my detailed account of my first ever wedding cake made for Aletheia and Josiah, happily married now- Congratulations!

What I love about making special cakes is that each cake is different depending on the person and occasion.  My prompt this time was: a small-ish wedding cake that is simple and elegant, preferably with odd-sized tiers and a blueish-grey color to match the wedding theme.

I got so many questions during the wedding about how the cake was made that I think it’d be good to post up some “in the process” photos.

Here are the two top layers: Real cake, covered in buttercream. Layer 1: 5″diam x 4″ high. Layer 2: 6″ diam x 2″ high.

I had to figure out how to color the fondant. I was matching it to the wedding invitations…

So, my friend Bri and I played with the gel colors and regular white fondant. We made the main color “core” by mixing equal amounts of violet and blue, with a pinch of grey, and then took that and added it to tons of white to get that light color. Only problem is that it takes tons of kneading to get an even color… and after… ohh… 2 and a half hours or so of kneading/making/rolling fondant… while standing on a phonebook (because I’m a little shorter than my countertops and needed leverage)… well. My arms felt like jello. And I ended up slathering up with Bengay before I went to sleep. 🙂

Anyways, I detract. Here’s how the color core was mixed in, along with fondant photos:

So below is the first layer covered in fondant:

So, the bottom layer (7″diam x 3″ height) was a fake styrofoam layer. I attached that with royal icing to the ceramic stand that they provided me (for transport) then attached the top two together with royal icing. Getting those to Bri’s house in my car was quite the feat. Since she lives closer to the venue, I could assemble the entire cake at hers and then she could drive me while I held the cake in the car.

Those were the two layers packed for travel 🙂

Final product: (no I didn’t make the topper, it was special ordered off, and is super cute and made out of clay).

At the wedding….

Cut open and eaten 🙂

Woo.! And Done. 🙂 Next project- Jan.9th, 2010. !

Wedding Bells are ringing…

It’s my 20th post! Coincidentally I have a bunch of wedding cake (mostly completed except for the third tier) photos to show… a culmination of “hard work” thus far… Hope you enjoy!

This Thanksgiving was really relaxing. I didn’t do much but eat, sleep, and do little craftsy things that I always have going on when I’m at home. After messing around with the snowman topper idea (posted earlier), some feedback and suggestions, I tried my hand at a cake topper that isn’t edible. (I found that molding people out of fondant and gum paste isn’t as easy as they make it look on Ace of Cakes, nor is it as simple to work with as clay.) I found some inspiration at a cute etsy store called “The Small Object…” and sort of worked from there. (She charges 135 for these wedding toppers, min. So I tried to re-create and personalize it.) Here we go:

Chris and Karen and Yu Teow, for a winter wedding scene:

Some close ups:

We had some confusion- the yarn is her arm, not hair extensions 🙂

Hello small puppy!

The base- with the navy ribbon, as on the cake.

Ok. So coming back, I wanted to see the entire thing put together (two tiers at least… I haven’t yet gotten around to tackling the 14 in. cake layer…::Shudder::) SoOoO… Here are some photos. I did the 10 in. fake tier in marshmallow fondant and experimented with royal icing. Meringue powder is a miracle invention. Who knew? Anyways… There are two options- the first is little piped dots (which I personally like better, they remind me of snow falling in a whimsical way, but don’t let me bias you) and the second is little piped star-type things. I was going for snowflake but I like simpler better. What do you think? Let me know!

Take 1:

Some details:

From above:

Take 2: Snowflakes

Phew… Who likes cake? Lots of recipes to try, coming up! 🙂