My brother says the funniest things… example: “i tried reading the first paragraph of your blog, i got to “quite consistently inconsistent” and got a headache. well played friend..”

Just for a random tangent, thought I’d throw that in there.

My latest project was a four tiered mini-topsy-turvey cake, each tier celebrating a different occasion.  A week and a half ago was the Superbowl, my twin friends birthday, a going-away party, and a graduation celebration all rolled into one. Hence the QUAD- essentially knocking out four events in one cake.

Top tier: ConGRADs to Kendall! (Graduating from ASU)

Middle 1: ‘Bye Caren! We’ll miss you! (Miss Caren leaves us, heading back to Cali)

Middle 2: “Have a Dino-mite birthday! Jacob and Jerad” (The twins. They are 26.. heh 🙂 though it looks like it’s made for… 8 year olds)

Bottom tier: Superbowl! Saint’s vs. Colts.

I didn’t line up the fronts as I should’ve, partially due to laziness, partially because it is my first “topsy-turvey” (i.e. a great excuse to not worry about straight edges) cake… So, as I didn’t stack them until I got there (for transportation reasons) didn’t really take into account showing the fronts. Anyways, tried to take a few different views and close ups, as follows.

First cut!

Details? I love dinos! Stegosaurus!



Taken apart for eating:

The flavors were… Devils food cake with buttercream, and Funfetti with Lemon buttercream.


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