Blue screen :(

My creative juices have been failing me lately. My friend just saw Julie and Julia, and she says, “as your reader, I demand new posts.” A few days later, she proceeded to remind me to blog more.

At least I’ve had a legitimate excuse for not getting around to baking/experimenting. I’ve moved! Moves are never easy, and with my kitchen in disarray, baking and decorating is the last thing on my mind. I’m still in the same area, just settled into a new place with a glorious new kitchen (granite counter tops, can’t beat it).

I have been baking, just nothing entirely blog-worthy. Who wants to read and look at mediocre photos of cakes haphazardly thrown together for random office events?

Annnd it’s taking me forever to even do this post, due to technological issues… hence the title. Mister laptop is going on 6 years, and can’t handle normal functions….

Anyways, among all the moving headaches, work stress, and having no time in this somewhat seasonal funk, I decided to inject a little pick-me-up in the form of some fun pink and brown cupcakes.

They are just plain yellow butter cake with regular American butter cream frosting (pink dots and white). The brown spread is Nutella and each is topped with a Whopper!

I know, nothing crazy… but it’s something! More to come, I promise. Celebration season is right around the corner… I can feel it.