Bittersweet Funfetti

The best part about blogging is coming up with the titles, although if anyone were to search my blog merely by the titles, they wouldn’t get very far… or at least, wouldn’t find what they were looking for. Just like this one: by no means did I create a bittersweet funfetti cake, rather, the occasion for the cake was bittersweet.

My friend Mikaela got a new job (hooray!) within the same company but at a different site. A promotion, if you will, and what better to celebrate and send her off with than a cake at our daily staff meeting? It was an absolute whirlwind of a week, so this simple, no-frills funfetti cake was presented:

Yes, indeed, good luck! I didn’t have piping stuff, so some star shaped sprinkles were my medium of choice, as well as a little edible gold glitter, and some regular sprinkles on the side.

The buttercream did the trick, I think, as my group gobbled it right up! No leftovers for this puppy.

Thus begins the season of change 🙂


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