Miss! U….

Oh dear, this was probably one of the more challenging cakes… After coming back from vacation/wedding weekend… I learned of a going away party for one of my friends at church, Kevin.

Of course, Bri asked me to do a cake… the idea? A giant golf ball, similar to the giant Cubs baseball that was made at Chris and Karen’s wedding, for the groom’s cake. (See older posts, Jan 2010, if interested)

She bought me a sphere cake pan for my birthday, so I thought, “why not?” And had at it… I guess somehow my afternoons were starting to fill up and I was trying to find some good dedicated cake time… ehm… yeah… and on top of that getting stuck at the car repair place 45 minutes away from my place for 5 hours Saturday morning didn’t help…

Both of my cameras sorta pooped out (battery and memory card issues, respectively) so I didn’t get a good photo of it… before THE INCIDENT… yeah… the one time I didn’t take a good photo… dun dun dunn….Transportation FAIL. The cake got a little dented as it rolled off its pedestal and… well, enough said. I can’t talk about it without tears in my eyes.

Allisence was generous enough to use her awesome photo skills to take a “what’s left” photo… so here it is:


So, it was supposed to be a play on words, if you will. You can’t see the front of it, but, basically the grass is made of chocolate cupcakes… and in front of the golf ball is a brown strip of 3 unfrosted chocolate cupcakes, on which I piped (Miss! U…) as in “You missed the ball, and got a chunk of grass, and left a strip of dirt…. but we’ll also miss you.

I know, funny, har har har 😉 Another challenge was the dimples on the golf ball! This is seriously like 4-5 cups of batter… and a ton of buttercream in 105 degree desert weather. So, the dimples were definitely a challenge and I ended up using a random assortment of poking tools, from a wooden dowel to the end of a chopstick to the rounded end of a sharpie (not the ink side).

Anyways, I was already running late for the party, and halfway through got tired of doing the dimples, hence the “(golf)” on the smooth part. Okay, enough rambling, sorry for those who didn’t read the explanation, all you shall see is a dented golf ball!

What’s a Hokie Bird?

A mere 13 days after my birthday was my friend David’s…. and as a staunch VTech alumni, (yeah, he wears one of two VTech polos to work every casual Friday, alternating between Maroon on Orange and Orange on Maroon). So, what better to give him on his birthday than a little VTech Pride, in edible form?

We debated over this for a while… what represents the infamous Frix the best? He has a mini stuffed Hokie bird that sits on his desk, so we tried looking for ideas with that for a while. However, who would think that a bird like that is so difficult to recreate in cake?! Good-ness. If we did something like that, it’d either be a maroon turkey, or lame.

Needless to say, idea abandoned. We picked something a bit more simpler, and Laur and Nick had at it! Some frosting, tons of burgundy, red, brown, orange and violet food coloring, and a bit of manpower, and you get the proud Virginia Tech logo:

In the works- cupcakes all aligned, white piping on the edges in process:

The final product:


Laur did a most excellent job at piping. Nick, at coloring. 🙂 Happy Birthday David!

Aye, best Birthday Cake Aye

July is my birthday month, and I was pleasantly surprised by my oh-so-crafty friends with only the best pull-apart birthday cake ever! I know, this is cheating, because I didn’t bake it, but I just had to post this. Can you guess what it is?

It’s ok, it took me a second 🙂 Well, I love pirates (yeah, even my mum didn’t know) and maps (to be a cartographer, I wish!) So they combined the two into a treasure map! And it’s full of all sorts of meaningful symbols of things… Like the Olympics wafer next to the Great Wall (the brown brick structure towards the back)… because I was in China during the Olympics, 2008. Then some cacti for our humble desert environment, and some water complete with Swedish fish, that represents the Great Lakes that I lived by for school. Not to mention, one-of-a-kind foil and toothpick fencing swords, you get the gist.



Here’s another photo complete with the thumbs up!

The cupcakes were lemon with homemade cream cheese frosting, delicious!

Thanks friends, for celebrating my special day, and for all of your efforts, I feel really loved. Shout outs to Meg, Ghiya, and Laur!