Oiy, I’m cheating a bit. This post was supposed to be done in August, but alas, I was a bit behind on uploading photos and ba-logging about it. Anyways, Aug. 21 was a Domo-lover’s birthday, and what best to celebrate than with a Domo cake?!

Chocolate was the tastiest choice for this rendition of our brown, fuzzy friend…. And what better than a healthy coating of chocolate ganache, made decadent with heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate chips. And of course, some chocolat-tatley cakeroo! (P.S. Pardon the cutesy made-up words, I’m semi-delirious from an exhausting work week)

So, Domo has a red mouth. What better to do that with than red starbursts! It’s basically like edible, fruity play dough… yummm. I was also amazed at the quality control of the starburst factory. In this individual pack, I got exactly 3 of each color, for a total of 12. (Thank you, basic math skillz)

Here is a close up of ze face… with the rolled out red square for the mouth. I used pretzle m&m’s for the eyes, covered in blue fondant because the brown wasn’t showing up. Not a fan of pretzle m&ms, sorry to say.

The white white of the teeth was made by piping marshmallow cream… Jet Puff!!!

I moved the cake into a nice glass pyrex dish so the brown glory could be seen. Here’s the entire thing…

Plus words! (Marshmallow cream) Happy Birthday Allisence!!!


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