Curious George and the Man in the Cheddar Hat

This, ladies and gents, is going to be a lonnng post. After being shown up with Lauren’s fabulous photos, and some feedback that process photos are just as good as the final product, I’m making a grandiose attempt to document this cake.

Bri’s birthday was this Monday, so of course, she being my partner in cake crime for quite a few endeavors, I couldn’t let her down! I wracked my brains for quite a while before deciding on a design, as the title of this post suggests. Besides her great love of home appliances (and I wasn’t about to mold a giant Kitchenaid stand mixer out of cake, that’s just too much irony for me), I settled on the cute, loveable Curious George. Watching this perky little monkey movie was quite possibly the only time I had ever heard her gush about anything- she’s not a gusher- and by “gush,” I mean, “Oh, he’s so cute.”

Okay, enough, let’s get on with the show or this will be like reading War n’ Peace.

The “vision” was to do a Curious George hiding under the Yellow (Cheddar, will explain later) hat on a mini-cake, surrounded by a few accent cupcakes.

I started with the hat, made of two cupcakes- a regular size and a Texas size:

I then flipped them both upside down……Frosted and assembled them like a mini cake….. and covered it in the Cheddar fondant. 

  See the ominous cheddar dot advancing….


Boom! Engulfed like macrophage annihilates microbial particles… uhhh nevermind.

Break for the “cheddar” explanation: I was worried about the fondant not being “yellow” enough, and asked Meg for her opinion, as she was my designated taste tester and motivator. She’s pretty easy-going on the details, so she first said, “I’m sure it’s fine.” But when I held it out to her, she goes, “Oh… my…. it is looking a bit cheddar.” That cracked me up, and I decided to keep it. I got lots of cheese comments later at the dinner!

Next up, the 6″ round base:

Did I mention that the flavor was chocolate with Nutella buttercream? Bri loves the nutella, I was just hoping no one was allergic to nuts! nom nom nom….

Here is the making of the brim of the yellow hat. I knew that I’d be happy that I saved the plastic lid to that cheese tub! Perfect diameter and sharp edge resembling a cookie cutter.

Holding the place for Mr. George to tuck his mischievous face!                       

Why Hello George, where has your face gone? (Modeled with fondant, brown and tan)


Found it! I cheated at this part, it’s actually permanent marker, but who’s barbaric enough to want to nosh on the monkey head?!

Set atop the cake, he looks pretty content and chillin’.

Ah, but we are not done yet! The fun has just begun…

What are these? What is a monkey who doesn’t like bananas! (Modeled with cheddar fondant and a little brown food coloring streaked and gently kneaded into them)….

And…. cupcakes with some piped nutella buttercream:

Voila! Banana on cupcake?

Let’s not forget the reason for the cake! A little extra fondant, flattened into a banana banner, and pegged with some inedible permanent marker (sorry, laziness began to settle in at this point).


Phew! Put it all together and….. Ta Da!

Happy Birthday Bri!!!!!!


Nom nom nom nom….


4 thoughts on “Curious George and the Man in the Cheddar Hat

  1. One of my favorite cakes you’ve done, I love the finished product! Also you’re right, I love the documenting photos too.

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