Deja Vu!

I noticed that 2010 is coming to an end, and this is my attempt to squeeze in one last post for the year. I took a break from making crazy creations after the Yogurtland post in October and was focusing on other potluck-worthy, individual and bite-sized treats (bringing back the mini whoopie pies, bar cookies, etc) for all of the office and holiday get-togethers. Anyways, basically a lot of these events really weren’t conducive to great 3-D masterpieces weighing 10+lbs and requiring significant fridge space. Thus, I started to experiment with decorating cakes that were easy to bring along (basically, 2-D and can fit in a 9X13 pyrex dish with a lid).

One of them was for my friend MK’s birthday. A December birthday, we have, you guessed it, a snow-woman. It was a really simple concept… I’ll explain with photos.

Start with some candy! And sprinkles!

Take 3 bowls of different sizes and stack them, like a snow-person.

Apply sprinkles liberally!!


Remove bowls… and we have a snowperson!

Add a few sweet tart buttons, a laffy taffy nose, and some limbs piped out of frosting… and you have a birthday snow-lady.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!