Run a Triathalon, get a cake!

I’m serious about catching up on posts. Well, at least through this one, since I actually did a cake this year! Bri asked me to help her make a 29th birthday cake for her bff, Daniel.  We brainstormed some ideas and Megan came up with an Ironman theme. And by Ironman, I mean the triathalon (hence the title) and not Robert Downey Jr.  Daniel is crazy devoted to his workout regimen and did the Ironman this year. So what better than to relive the glory and celebrate a birthday?

We decided on doing the “M” part of the Ironman logo. Chocolate cake covered with a vanilla buttercream layer and some bright red fondant!

Above is the IronMan Logo, courtesy of the Googs.


This was done on a Monday night, so I didn’t really take very many “process” photos. It was more like, laziness and a time crunch. But the head is a 6″ round cake and the “M” is a 9×13 cake, manipulated into the “M”.

Here’s the tiny impromptu detail (my proudest moment). The cake is pretty basic/plain, as we didn’t plan for any other add-ons… but we had to do something to commemorate the big 2-9. So I found a vanilla tootsie roll in Bri’s candy dish and rolled it flat, cut it into a square, and piped a 29 on it using approximately 10 semisweet chocolate chips melted in a plastic ziplock baggie. Not too bad, eh?

Bri opted for a vertical placement, like it’s a number badge going down the triathlete’s arm.

Here’s Mr. Ironman with an actual Ironman visor! When Bri presented it to Daniel, he donned all of his Ironman gear and they went to town on a photoshoot! I just didn’t want to post them without his permission, he’s practically a celebrity. 🙂

Happy Birthday Daniel!!!

Bite sized Rainbows

So much for at least a post a month. Hey everyone, Happy 2011. I’m only 3 months and 10 days late.

The important thing is we’re back in the game, right? 🙂 Anyways, I always have grand plans to bake around holidays (love themes!) if there are no birthdays or other events, but for some reason have just been so preoccupied lately. That, and the mundane baking wasn’t “blog-worthy” in my opinion. You know, the chocolate chip cookies, plain vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles, etc. I finally baked something (not that original) but at least it’s some colorful eye-candy to start out this year’s set of posts with. (Baby steps, baby steps.)

Colorful in a very literal sense, rainbow cupcakes! I meant to do something for St. Patty’s day (like a green velvet with some sort of weird leprechaun-esque theme) but gave up for simplicity’s sake. Plus this is loosely related. I mean, where are pots of gold found? At the end of rainbows, duh. 🙂

I just needed some whimsy to brighten up the day. Photo time!

1. It seems like a lot of work (it’s just really a lot of bowls)….and a good amount of food coloring!

2. Bri came to help me, and we started doing a reverse ROYGBIV, then dropped the “IV” because 7 bowls is just so much more ridiculous than 5. So… Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. 🙂

3. Cheery dots of yellow:

4. Baked a rainbow!

5. Top off with a little dollop of white buttercream, like a fluffy cloud 🙂

6.  Cut open to reveal the psychedelic colors:

So I brought these into work, thinking, “hey, it’ll be a fun pick-me-up.” Unfortunately, I work with a TON of guys (literally the only full-time female in the department)…. anddddd well… you know what they say about men. 1 in 13 of them exhibits some sort of color blind tendency, versus 1 in 300 for women. Let’s just say, I don’t think they cared as much as long as it tasted good.

Anyone find a pot of gold? 🙂