Note: I started this post a little over a month ago. I’m finishing it now.

Taking a break from caking, I’m getting back to cupcakes…

Saturday was a boat load of fun as Miss Becky came over to bake with me! She was graciously bringing some of her favorite cupcakes to a birthday celebration that night, and we tried a new recipe for fun.

She picked an Amaretto (almond) cupcake from this gem of a magazine, Cupcakes, which she also gave me a copy of.

The birthday cupcakes were to be a vanilla cinnamon cake with chocolate frosting and some sprinkles (her personal favorite recipe). I don’t have either recipe available to post (I know, then what’s the point?) but I figured I’d start sharing anyways and upload recipes later. At least get the creative juices going and hopefully inspire you to either bake or go on the hunt for new cupcakes!

These are the vanilla cinnamon cakes, fresh out of the oven.

A simple chocolate frosting, consisting of some good Penzey’s cocoa powder, butter, powdered sugar, and a little milk:

Topped off! I appreciated the home-made-ness of this cupcake. There were no frills- just plopped that frosting right on top of the cupcake, no piping necessary.

Add some sprinkles and … I think this is laffy taffy. (Yeah, it was for color)… Birthday cupcakes!!!

Next up: Amaretto cupcakes with a mixed batter. The base of the batters was basically the same- we made the vanilla side spiked with some Disarrono Amaretto, then split the batter and added cocoa powder to half of it. This gave us the black and white look:

It baked up quite nicely with an excellent spongy texture.

You know the frozen yogurt machines that have three handles, with two flavors on the outside and the middle one producing a swirled version of the two? That’s what we tried to do with the frosting! It’s the same process as with the batter: create a regular amaretto base, divide it in half, and add cocoa powder to half to get the chocolatey look. To achieve the swirl, you just fill a piping bag with the two frostings, one on each side.

Yum… this had some great flavor and texture going on.


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