It’s a Pirate’s Life for me!

I’ve been MIA for a while, so here’s my attempt at coming back!

Becky’s birthday was in June. Yeah, I know, it’s October. But whatever, a cake is a cake. To be fair, we made this in July. I just have been slacking at blogging. Yeah, just call me the bottleneck.

Well, Becky is an absolute pirate nerd. She can name all of the real pirate ships in history, the types, what cannons they had on them, and is fluent in pirate-speak. She could walk up to your modern day swashbuckler, exchange a few “arrr, matey’s,” and walk away without being questioned for why she doesn’t have an eye patch on.

Needless to say, we went with the obvious pirate theme for her birthday.  Let’s just say… this cake tastes like ship!

Two 9×13 yellow cakes make the base of the ship.

Stacked cakes.

Trim the edges to get a ship-like shape.

Covered in chocolate frosting for that brown deck look! Lined the sides with chocolate wafer Pirouette cookies to be the “railing.”

Here come the details! A Tim Tam cookie makes the plank, some sprees for decor, tiny fudge striped cookies for the lifesavers (do Pirates know how to swim?), braided pretzels for the mast, chopped Pirouette’s and candles for the cannons (sticking out the sides), and of course, goldfish (self explanatory). 🙂

Check out this sweet rendition of a pirates steering wheel. It’s a yellow Starburst shaped into a wheel and cleverly placed toothpicks :). Resourceful? There’s a pile of braided pretzels for fun, and whoppers as the cannonballs.

The “R.O” on the back of the ship is for Becky’s initials…. R for Rebecca. We started doing “B.O.” but… yea. You get the point. 😉

Added some inedible Pirate ship sails and we’re in business!

Lighting the ship! Happy Birthday Becky!!!


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