It literally takes 3 days of being sick and sitting on the couch in front of the TV to get me to blog. How sad! All the pieces are there- the pictures and the story, I just lack inspiration to write.  and motivation. Well, lucky for you my faithful readers -the few of you left, I don’t blame you for giving up on me ;)- Food network, HGTV, and ESPN (yes, ESPN, who AM I?) have failed to entertain me and I’ve resorted to my task list. Let’s kick it, shall we?

G’s birthday came and went… and we wanted to celebrate with one of her favorite past times- none other than Nintendo! There are plenty of Nintendo themed cupcakes out there, so we had to make ours extra special- you’ll see. They’re more interpretive than literal :).

First step: Freshly baked fudgy chocolate cupcakes!

Next: Small batches of colorful Nintendo colors:

The background plan was the bright blue sky of one of the scenes of Super Mario 2. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. World 1. We rolled out some blue fondant and used tea cups to make the rounds:

A thin layer of buttercream frosting and a little stretching and we have blue covered cupcakes!

We set up a parchment covered decorating station on my breakfast bar. Here’s a preview of the tiny details: little mushrooms, a green tunnel, a spitfire plant, a coin, oh yeah, the works.

Here is the final product: all of the above elements, plus some creative/interpretive symbols for Mario and Luigi, i.e. the red and green hats, along with a parachuting Koopa Trooper (also done as a ‘loose representation’). There is a yellow sign that reads, “Hope this super year 1ups the last,” a combo of Becky’s impeccable block writing and Megan’s clever phrase idea. Lastly, all placed in a shoebox lined with aluminum foil to represent the TV.

Oh yeah, there’s my manicured finger at the bottom (my contribution)… I just went to a wedding, ok?

Happy belated birthday, G!


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