I know, I’m on a roll! This couch time has gotten me motivated. While we’re on a cupcake kick, I decided to decorate some in honor of Miss Bri’s birthday. Her latest favorite movie is “Despicable Me.” And her favorite little friends? The Oh-so-lovable, yellow twinkie-esque, overall-clad minions- Kevin, Larry, and Rick, to name a few. I kept it simple with these 2D renditions of our pals:

It was a bit challenging to keep them all the same, so I went a little buck-wild. I mean, in the movie, they are different in their own quirky ways. Some have one eye, some have two, some have hair, some don’t. And they are all working together to steal the moon (hence the moon in the middle).

This was the only process shot I got, mostly because my hands were covered in powdered sugar and my camera was being dumb. But it is the creation of the minion eyeball. This is pivotal to the piece!

Here we have a closeup of Rick.

 “Whaddup, Larry?”- Gru

Kevin says “Happy Birthday, Bri!”

“Blabhablhablahblaaa” in minion= “We brought you the moon!”

Tasty Minion- the aftermath

The remnants! Happy Birthday Bri!


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