The best classes….

… are cupcake classes.

Meg and I found a groupon for a cupcake decorating class, and of course I couldn’t pass that up! Decorating is the fun part; baking can be tedious at times, especially when all you want to do is create something fun to look at, that just so happens to be edible too.

Anyways this is a short post as I lacked on the photo side. The best part about this class was that the cupcakes were already baked and all the decorating supplies were there, so we were given free reign to be creative.

I am posting Meg’s cupcakes too 🙂 Here they are!

Here are mine:

I liked doing four different types of decorations… The lady bug cupcake was my first time making “grass” using green buttercream and a “grass” piping tip. The Snoopy one (actually it’s Spike, his hardened brother who lives in Tumbleweed, AZ – I kid you not-) is all fondant… I found the inspiration from a cactus cookie cutter that was available. The pig was supposed to be Hello Kitty (they have similar face shapes, but decided pig was easier. The flower one is a combination of piping and fondant.

This is a short post, so I’m going to leave off at that!


One thought on “The best classes….

  1. Not only did we get to have fun decorating, we had awesome funny ladies in our class too. Such a fun night! Love the lady bug cupcake, super cute 🙂

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