Hey, move over…

I’m seriously behind on posts and have gotten a bunch of “friendly” reminders… this is my attempt to catch up!

This cake is from March for one of my friends Tony. There’s a long story about how he lived on the couch of one of our friend’s houses for months at a time, and he’s also a loyal MSU Spartan. So I made the couch and added a few personal affects.

Here’s the “naked” couch, sans fondant. Three straws were the support structure for the back of the couch.

Clothed couch!

I sculpted a mini Spartan torso, Spartan megaphone, some dumb bells (fondant and Coke mentos… did you know they made cola flavored mentos?!!) a few pillows, blankie, and of course, Champ, the resident golden retriever.

Happy birrrrrthday Tony!


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