Lions and Tigers and a random Pink Panther

September is a time for birthday explosion! We start off the month with assorted wildcat cupcakes for Ghiya’s birthday. She’s obsessed with tigers, so we did regular orange tigers and white ones. Then we tossed in a lion.

Then we included a random pink panther.

The plain ones, without stripes, are “baby tigers”… who haven’t gotten their stripes yet…

Or… we ran out of black gel 🙂 Either way, Happy birthday Ghiya!

What a Sweet Igloo!

This cake had a lot of sugar in it… I was helping Vanessa make an Igloo/Penguin cake for her beau, and decided that sugar cubes were visually perfect for the igloo bricks.  I kind of love sugar cubes now. 🙂

Lots and lots of cubes! They were a bit thick so we cut them in half:

Here is the igloo base- basically a half dome cake and a cupcake turned sideways to be the entrance.

Making penguins out of Oreos, a heart shaped cookie cutter, yellow fondant and some edible marker for details:

The penguin family on their igloo:

Side view! Does anyone like the little heart cube over the door? Yeah, thanks, my cheesy little touch. 😉