It’s a Luau! What’s the best part of a luau? The roast pig, of course. Bri was celebrating her birthday with a Hawaiian themed luau, complete with leis, grass skirts, and a real roasted pig. What’s better than one pig? Two! And one that is made of cake.

I snapped a few more photos of the development of this guy, as it was a massive cake. I started out with the basic shapes: basically a round “snout” attached to a half sphere tilted sideways for the head, and then a long body (which was a few 9″x13″s that I cut and stacked). The legs were just leftover pieces of the cut up 9″x13″s.

I started shaping at this stage to give it a more “pig like” look, and less of a cardboard box look. 

I made some piggie colored fondant by mixing mostly copper food coloring with a touch of pink and brown into a fresh batch of homemade marshmallow fondant.

To make it more authentic, I placed Mr. Porker into a roasting tray.

Some details: a lei made out of assorted gummy items and fondant cut outs (the flowers) strung on a thread via a needle. The “grass” beneath the pig is sour apple sour straws that I cut up and fanned out. The “cherries” are cherry sour drops.

An upclose of his face. The “hooves” are pieces of chocolate square.

Pork butt! The tail is some lighter colored fondant.

The two pigs next to each other, about to get devoured. Eek!

Happy Birthday Bri!


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