Irish? I-rish!!

Happy St. Patty’s day! I wanted to make a dessert worthy of a corned beef and ‘kraut dinner that my friends hosted, so I went with two kinds of cupcakes: Mint chocolate chip cupcakes and a Irish Whiskey ganache-filled Guiness cupcake with a Bailey’s frosting.

For the mint chip cupcakes: chocolate cupcake batter with handfuls of Andes mint chips!


Guiness cupcakes next to some Jameson-infused dark chocolate ganache:


I used my cupcake corer to make little holes for the ganache filling:


Filled cupcakes!


Caps back on top! (I ate two of them, so two cupcakes were missing the hats)


Buttercream frosting with Bailey’s Irish Cream piped on top!


Back to the mint chocolate chip cupcakes- green tinted vanilla buttercream tops these off:


I tried piping different designs… don’t these look like seashells? haha… I guess these don’t scream “St. Patty’s Day.”


I tried to go for a 4 leaf clover arrangement here:



Anyone catch a leprechaun? 😉


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