What will it Bee?!

I’m back to blogging again after that almost half a year hiatus. I find that my baking projects tend to come to a halt during the summer! It’s too hot to turn on my oven! And all anyone ever wants is frozen yogurt. Yum. 🙂

Anyway- this was my first “reveal party” baking project. If you don’t know what a reveal party is, then you are in the same boat I was in prior to this project. Basically, my friend Aletheia is having a baby (Congrats!!) and she wanted to have a party to reveal the gender. So I was to make cupcakes with a colored filling (either pink or blue) that would hold the secret! And no one would know until dessert time. 🙂 Hence the theme: What will it Bee?

Here goes!


Here I’ve made many little fondant bees with heart shaped wings.

photo 1

The fondant topper comes together here with a round yellow platform and the path of the bee flight!

photo 3Multiply x12!

photo 4All boxed up and ready for transport. The bee cupcakes were white cake with lemon cream cheese filling and frosting. The plain cupcakes were lemon cake with the same filling and frosting.

bee cupcakesAll set out on a pretty cupcake stand.

photo 5What will it bee?!

The coolest part about this is that even Aletheia didn’t know! She and her husband would find out at the same time as everyone else. I was the very first person to know! The perks of being a baker, right?


I know you are dying to know…. It’s a girl!!!! Congrats Aletheia!!


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