Backstreet’s Back… Again!

Everybodyyyy…  (yeahhhh)… rock your bodyyyy… (yeahhhh)…..

Yep. It’s true…. I went to the Backstreet Boys concert this year. Not only that, but this was my second BSB concert in the last 3 years. However, this year’s concert was partially a birthday celebration event for my friend Ghiya. Not making excuses or anything, but what is more fun than a group of late 20-something ladies reliving the thrill of watching their teenage heart throbs belt out the “oldies but goodies”? Gosh. I can’t believe they are considered “oldies” now.

Nevertheless…. what could be more fitting than some Backstreet Boys themed cupcakes for the birthday girl? That’s what I thought. Nothing.

I don’t have many process pictures but here are a few of the toppers we came up with. I had lots of help from Meg and Matt.

fondant toppers

Ever since making the Bee cupcakes (see prior post)… I’ve come to love the versatility of fondant cupcake toppers! Cupcakes are so much easier to bake and transport, and usually at these types of events, we’ll go straight from work. So I can hide cupcakes in a box at my desk instead of awkwardly trying to stagger through a turnstile with a 3 tier cake.

photo 2

Here they are on top of chocolate cupcakes and in a box.

Anyways we have a standard “Happy Birthday” topper, a few with either a CD cover or a play on words with famous BSB song titles, a music topper, and… yes… who is that in the middle with a fierce yellow hat and a chiseled jawline? Purdue Pete.


It may be a little out of theme but we had to include a shout-out to Ghiya’s alma mater. Besides, Matt “only does sports stuff” when he helps with cakes.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ghiya! Hopefully this one was Larger than life! 😉


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