Bear Down!!!

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this one… I’ll try to explain the best I can.

Cake project: Bri asked me to help her make a birthday cake for her friend.

Design: A man kayaking on a river; a “menacing” bear at the river bank watching him.

This cake project was definitely an exercise in random idea generation :). Bri’s friend loves kayaking and he absolutely hates bears because of a little “run-in” he had with one on his adventures. She loves this story, so we went with this as the theme.

photo 4

Coincidentally, the U of A was also his alma mater. Bear Down!!!! (yes, I know their mascot isn’t a bear) Here is our lovely fondant kayak, man, paddle, and bear (he’s kind of dark and blends in with my counter).

photo 1

Hey there, Mr. Bear. Yeah, not quite menacing… kinda cute?

cake cropHere is the cake- a sandy brown shore with a blue river.

photo 5Here is the assembled cake. It’s a little simple- we looked at it and considered adding foliage, but then we ran out of time. haha!


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