I think it’s time for a cupcake post! What’s more fun than revealing a secret using baked goods?! Ok, maybe a few things come to mind, but I was pretty pumped for this project.

Our friends Nancy & Brian were expecting (yes, the little one has arrived at this moment in time), and wanted to throw a gender reveal party after they found out the sex of their baby. The idea was to make male and female cupcakes and have guests choose what they think the baby is. Then the answer would be revealed later.

Nancy, being in the medical industry, decided on the universal symbols for male and female. I used this opportunity to hold a fondant making lesson as well.


The plan was to make chocolate cupcakes for boys and strawberry shortcake cupcakes for girls.


Here are the “female” cupcakes- stuffed with chopped fresh strawberries and a dab of swiss meringue buttercream, piped with buttercream and topped with a pink fondant “female.”


Here are the chocolate cupcakes frosted with a chocolate buttercream (think cocoa powder, butter, powdered sugar, splash of milk), and topped with the blue fondant “male” topper. IMG_4270Lots of cupcakes and a mac! 🙂

The secret is out- it’s a BOY!

Congrats, Nancy & Brian!


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