In a Nut(ella)Shell, Happy Birthday!

And we are back to Birthdays! I wanted to squeeze in one more post before hitting the hay. (Retroactive chain-blogging, it’s all the rage, you should really try it.) It was that time for the annual celebration of Bri Joy, and I was itching to make a cake that didn’t really resemble anything, but focus more on the ingredients. Bri loves Nutella- inspiration hit, and off I went!


The lineup: Caramel-coffee Nips candy, Chocolate biscuits, Pirouette cookies, and the star of it all: a brand spanking new jar of Nutella.


What do we have here? Yup, mixing Nutella into some Swiss Meringue Buttercream. (It really is my favorite buttercream to both eat and work with). It holds up well once refrigerated and tastes light but rich.


Folding Nutella into the buttercream!


Stacking the cake- I chose to make my go-to chocolate cake recipe that is both moist and holds up well without being too dense. I wanted a taller skinnier cake, so went with 4 layers in 6″ rounds. (This picture only shows the first 3.


Covered in a nice layer of Nutella buttercream.


Here’s where we get into the goodies- I lined the perimeter with Pirouette cookies, creating a “fence.”


What shall we do with these Reese’s cups?! So many to unwrap!


I filled the “cup” with all sorts of candies- Reese’s, Nips, and some white chocolate drops. I also think I snuck some chocolate covered biscuits in there.


The “Happy Birthday” is just melted chocolate piped onto a small slab of white chocolate.


We went out for Bri’s birthday dinner to a local burger joint. I was able to package the cake up sneakily and bring it in. Luckily they were really cool about helping us serve an outside cake in the restaurant! The servers even bargained for a slice. They also kept asking me if I got the idea on Pinterest. Um… not really? It’s not the most original idea but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see it on Pinterest.


A slice! It looked better in the restaurant 😉

Happy Birthday Bri!


4 thoughts on “In a Nut(ella)Shell, Happy Birthday!

  1. That cake was amazing! I absolutely loved it! Your cake skills continue to amaze me, as well as the whole restaurant that night!

    And those workers were interesting…. It’s like people don’t think people can be original or creative. That everyone just copies things…. Lame.

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