Rockin’ out!

It’s time for another musical cake of sorts. Keeping in tune with the theme of birthdays, I had the opportunity to make an electric guitar cake for another coworker’s daughter’s birthday. She’s into the band “Pierce the Veil,” and the request was a personalized electric guitar cake. Here we go!


The baking process here began with planning- I had to figure out how big the final cake was going to be before even turning on the oven. The cake had to feed roughly 10 people. I decided to sketch out a guitar body that would fit over a 9×13″ cake, and scale the neck of the guitar and accessories accordingly. I had to make it proportional or else it would completely lose the effect.
IMG_1481To customize the guitar with the “Pierce the Veil” logo, I printed out the sketch that my coworker Dave sent to me. His daughter actually drew it, and we wanted to incorporate it to make it special. This helped me to get an idea of the scaling for the decorations.


After finalizing the sketch, I copied the guitar body onto parchment paper and used it as a template to carve the cake.


I used a serrated knife to get a clean cut around the edge.


The cake was strawberry flavored with a vanilla buttercream. Strawberry cake is interesting (in my opinion)- I’ll have another post on that coming up with recipes & ingredients for the cake part. Here is the cake, post crumb coat and final coat of buttercream.

I covered the cake with Fondariffic black fondant. I really liked how smooth it is, and for shapes like this, it smoothed over really nicely. If it was a more 3-D shape, I might not opt to use this brand as it never really seems to stay really gooey.


While the body of the guitar was setting up, I started working on the guitar neck. To keep the right proportion, I needed a thin material for the neck. I chose to use wafer cookies- they are thin, light, and structurally sound enough to support the weight of fondant. Using my template, I pieced together and carved out the shape of the neck from a single layer of wafer cookies.


This mid-process photo shows the neck after being covered by black fondant, assembled into the body, and the silver details beginning to be added. The silver details are just rolled out and cut fondant painted with edible silver dust.

The final product, including the “Pierce the Veil” logo that I had help on from my in-house creative director (the man). The only non-edible part on this cake is the guitar string assembly.

IMG_1522A top view.


I supported the neck with some aluminum foil covered foam core blocks. Overall, I was really pleased at the proportion of the cake! I think Dave and his family were happy as well. 🙂