A big bite!

More birthdays! After the September lull, we are back in business. Two weeks ago we celebrated Ryen’s birthday with a ginormous burger cake. Having basically 2-3 hours to bake the entire thing, we quickly threw together the buns (cake), burger patty (giant soft double chocolate chip cookie), and lettuce, ketchup, and sesame seeds (butter cream frosting).


I learned that buttercream doesn’t really dye well with normal water-based foodcoloring, hence the light tints. Oh well 🙂

A baking success? The cookie was evenly cooked through. For a 9″ diameter, this was a feat. I was afraid the sides would cook faster than the middle, so shaped the raw cookie dough as such:

big cookie bake

Don’t know if you can really tell in the photo, but basically I built up the sides and made the middle into an indentation, so that the entire thing would cook evenly. Simple solutions, I like!

Here’s after we dug in- quite the layerage:


Next time I’ll plan ahead for fries!