Great Green Globe-Trotting

Happy Birthday Lala! This was a special endeavor… Nick’s brilliance in cake creations really shone through with this one.  Since one of Lauren’s passions is traveling, we decided to go with the “globe trotter” theme, and no, not basketball.  Since Bri gave me the sphere cake pan for my birthday, we  did a full earth. Also, a plane that she would be “flying.” Anyway, here is the photo parade:

The plane was made out of a twinke and some oreo wafers… check out the wing design, very aerodynamic.

 Lauren’s face was molded out of yellow fondant, a red sprinkle (mouth), a yellow sprinkle (nose), a brown sprinkle (eyes, I think), and twinkie crumbs (hair). All in all, a good effort for Mk and Nick. 🙂

 The plane was green (L’s fav color), coated with frosting! Like the oreo propellor?

 Okay, Meg and I were working on the globe: Chocolate sphere covered in buttercream and blue fondant. This is Africa and Europe, can you tell?

The finished product! The white “x’s” are all the places L has been. She’s a travel bug. The white dots on the board are stars, and she’s flying through the sky.

Another angle:




The funny thing is, I freeze cakes for transport, especially since it’s so stankin’ hot here in the desert. Can’t go two feet without something meltin’ on ya (my dirty south roots comin’ out thur)… so I told Nick to put it in the freezer for a little while. Well I forgot to tell him to take it out the day of so it’d be defrosted when we ate it… And yeah, frozen cake 🙂 YUM, but difficult for poor L to cut up, especially a frozen sphere.