Congratulations to another grad, Cory! He just finished his MBA at ASU, having spent the last two years working full time and going to school. Definitely a celebratory time… and what starts a party better than cupcakes?!

Lauren and Megan and I decided to bring some fun to the party with a playful pal. I used the Swamp Creature idea from the oh-so-famous, NY Times bestseller “Hello Cupcake!”

It’s a great book, with tons of fun ideas. Anyways, we did mister swamp monster, a.k.a. the crocadile…. Using chocolate cupcakes, a little green frosting, and some creativity/improvisation. Let the photo tour begin…

Step 1: Piping a nice “scaly” texture onto each cupcake, in green!

Step 2: Making the teeth out of marshmallow, and the claws (which were supposed to be banana runts, but apparently they are now an endangered candy as M&L tried 4 different stores for them) so we defaulted to some bright yellow fondant that I just happened to have laying around.

Step 3: Assembling the claws! And letting them hangout and marinate with my rice and soymilk in the fridge. Indeed. The spikes were made from fudge covered graham cookies, square shaped. We couldn’t find what the book called for, yet again improvising :).

Step 4: Bringing the monster to life! The eyes were two giant marshmallows and the pupils? Two purple skittles.

Step 5: Complete and photograph. Check him out on his aluminum foil bed, all ready for his close-up 🙂

Side view: Just screams “Happy Graduation,” doesn’t it?

Ah, but it gets better. One of our friends suffered from extreme “croc-alepsy” as he “fell asleep” on his cupcake…. behold the consequences of enjoying a cupcake (and/or party) a bit too much.

All that’s left are the eyes….!