San Fran…. Frisco…

Tis the season of birthdays! I love it, more excuses for cake! This guy was a little tough conjure up- from idea to execution, when you have a friend who loves everything. Lauren, Megan, and I have been like the “three amigas” ever since moving out here to the Valley of the Sun- and we took a trip together to San Francisco in May. Hence, a San Francisco-themed birthday cake for Miss Lauren!

We’ve got the famous twisted Lombard Street that people will wait an hour and a half just to ride down for 90 seconds in their cars, Muir Woods with the impressive 1000+ ft. tall trees, some funky colored houses, and the Powell-Mason cable car, of course. All this plus a giant mint-chocolate flavored cupcake, and topped off with a fondant-impersonation of my red-haired friend (which I can’t take credit for, it was done by our budding fondant expert, Nick). NOMnomNOM!


 Lombard and the Trolley (Powell/Mason).


 Muir Woods (Redwood trees) and funky houses, plus an overly-happy version of Laur.


Just another random shot.

I finally busted out the fondant on mister cable car (should be practicing for more cake love to come). I think the difficult part for the entire look of the cake was getting the right colors! I guess you can’t do too much with four food colors in terms of brightness and hue. The entire cake was, therefore, a bit duller in color than I would’ve liked. Perhaps I’ll invest in the magenta/lime/cerulean/neon yellow set of food colors. Or a color wheel.

Lastly, we presented the cake at my community pool- in the dark! So details were difficult to make out. Always a funny back story, isn’t there? So my hour of hard work piping might’ve been in vain. But all is good, as long as everyone had a good time, some good cake, and I got my photos!


Next challenge… tackling the mess in the kitchen.

messy kitchen