Monday night activities…

I’ve realized what a sporadic blogger I am, in addition to the wide range of topics that my entries cover. I think I’ll try driving this in a more consistent direction, instead of the “hit-or-miss” random entry style of word-vomit that usually develops.

Similar to other blogs, like “Cupcake Project,” or “52 cupcakes,” I’m going to do this Julie & Julia style and work slowly towards a goal. Not quite the most original idea, but rest assured I’m sure some random tid-bits will find their ways in, especially with all the holidays coming up. Plenty of opportunities to bake!

Anyways, my friend Karen is getting hitched in January and I’m making a cake for her… as mentioned probably 5 months ago. I have been researching and reading up on things, trying recipes here and there, but now is crunch time! Here goes nothing!

Today’s experiment is marshmallow fondant. I’ve used store-bought before (Wilton brand), and it doesn’t taste good, but is pretty user-friendly. I’ve heard some great things about this marshmallow fondant and it seems to be pretty easy. Thanks to some super googling by my friend Amy, I followed this tutorial: Cakexperiment on WeddingBee

To be honest, my experience was a bit different than described in pictures. To keep it short, my fondant was much drier- not sticky at all after adding the powdered sugar, and I actually ended up having to add quite a bit of water and Crisco to get it smooth and elastic. However, some success was to be had, as I used it to practice covering a fake tier.

I started with two fake tiers: 10”x 4” and 6”x4”. Didn’t want to be too ambitious so stuck with covering the 6”… and since I bought some pretty thick dark blue ribbon (matches the bridesmaids) I opted for the 4” thick. Other supplies are pictured below, and include:

  • 2 little mounds of marshmallow fondant
  • A brand new bottle of silver dragees (little silver decorating balls)
  • Quilting and embossing tool for fondant
  • Domo Cup from 7-11 for moral support


Didn’t include a photo of the fondant roller, but that was pretty essential. Here are a few first-time covering photos, including my quilting pattern that was obviously eyeballed for accuracy. First time, I’m allowed 🙂



Since it’s a winter wedding, Miss K suggested a snowman topper, so I played around with that. It turned into a somewhat whimsical and childish play-dough experiment, but fun nonetheless. I have to figure out how to better mark the eyes and small features. This time ‘round I used skewers and Wilton food coloring. Not a good idea, as I look like I got in a fight with a rainbow and it won, plus it’s difficult to control color application.


Oh yeah, the little figure at the bottom is their puppy 🙂

Here’s the final product (a few views/shoddy photos). My camera was pretty much covered in Crisco by this point. I also only took photos from one view because the other sides were pretty craptastic… 🙂 The fondant was really lumpy where I coverd the Styrofoam with saran wrap so I could re-use it, and my quilting pattern definitely was off. Overall, not too disappointed with a first try… I just have to keep practicing. Next will be the 10” diameter layer, and perhaps some piping.




Whomp whomp… it’s going to sit there until I get tier two done. -___-