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Bakerella inspired me with her cake pop creations. Unfortunately I’m not as good at it (and most definitely not as patient) as she is. However, I gave these guys a go. They are my favorite emoticons on gchat, which I wouldn’t be able to survive without. Inside is cake… I think vanilla. How does one get the squares down?!

Just thought I’d toss this one in as a June bonus.


I realized that I’ve been doing a post at least every month… but if I don’t post TONIGHT, I’ll lose my streak! So I’m forcing myself to post, even if it’s a short one.

I did a wedding celebration cake- not quite a wedding cake because it wasn’t for the reception, per se. Anyways, it was a simple two tier buttercream square. No fondant this time! So it was a new challenge to get the buttercream to look good.

Anyways, I also made two quarter sheet cakes to feed the guests. Here goes! It was truly a buttery mess in my kitchen…

This is the two-tier: a 8×8 topped with a 5×5. I experimented with little patterns and piping to make it look pretty yet still edible. (A lot of times fondant covered cakes don’t look very edible.)

Some lessons I learned from the last cake made this one easier.

– Buy the cake board! Just do it, it saves time and energy in transportaion.

– Blue painters tape works miracles for keeping the edges of the cake board clean while you are frosting the cake. You just apply it, and after, slowly peel it off and ta-da! A sparkling clean cake board.

– Crumb coat, crumb coat, crumb coat! This time, definitely had to do a thin layer of buttercream to get those crumbs under control. Terrible, but worth it. Then, either freeze it or put it in the fridge for a while. This will create a nice clean palate for buttercreaming later.

These are the quarter sheet cakes:

One chocolate, one vanilla. With piped designs, etc.

I learned some piping techniques, trying different tips, for the edges especially. The swirls are just painstaking time with the spatula.



I have more photos of the creation process…

Exhibit A: The butter for the buttercream. . . I love this photo because I can feel my pals cringe at the massive amounts of solidified fat! This was only half of what I made too 😉




Bri came over and helped me “taste test” as this was for her friend Melissa. I made her a little mountain of chocolate cake!



This is the painter’s tape in action… It’s great 🙂 for painting, too. Just did a green wall in the living room.

That’s all for June!