I’m usually not a fan of sprinkles- on anything- even if they are decorative and cute. Maybe it’s the utilitarian within, but they don’t serve a purpose, nor do they taste good. Maybe, just maybe if that crunch is desired, but they only seem to be awkward when juxtaposed with light, soft, decadent cake and smooth buttercream frosting.

Sprinkles the cupcake store, however, is a different story. As mentioned earlier in a post about Kara’s Cupcakes in San Francisco, Sprinkles really was one of the more impressive “professionally” baked goods. The cake was moist and dense, while still maintaining a good balance between sweet and too sweet. The simple buttercream was a nice touch without being overwhelming.


Below are pictured the two cupcakes I tried when I went for the first time in June: Chai Tea and Pumpkin. Both along the same flavor profiles (spicy!), they were pretty tasty. However, I made the mistake of diving into the pumpkin first; it was a little stronger than the Chai and I couldn’t taste the subtle spices after that. Like drinking orange juice and then eating an orange after, I guess.

sprinkles cupcakes

I went back today to taste test some more, and decided that, though the texture is really nice- moist and chewy- it has an over-arching starchy flavor, and was surprised to learn that the texture really varies by flavor.

I tried a regular vanilla, peanut butter-fudge, and red velvet cupcake… probably due to the ingredients, but vanilla was definitely the driest, peanut butter a little better, and red-velvet: simply melt-in-your-mouth. Still had a weird aftertaste though, and that would be my only complaint. That, and I couldn’t tell that the frosting was cream cheese… It was just a wee bit sugary, but it wouldn’t have that “corporate-baked-good” feel if it wasn’t overly-something, know what I mean?