Aye, best Birthday Cake Aye

July is my birthday month, and I was pleasantly surprised by my oh-so-crafty friends with only the best pull-apart birthday cake ever! I know, this is cheating, because I didn’t bake it, but I just had to post this. Can you guess what it is?

It’s ok, it took me a second 🙂 Well, I love pirates (yeah, even my mum didn’t know) and maps (to be a cartographer, I wish!) So they combined the two into a treasure map! And it’s full of all sorts of meaningful symbols of things… Like the Olympics wafer next to the Great Wall (the brown brick structure towards the back)… because I was in China during the Olympics, 2008. Then some cacti for our humble desert environment, and some water complete with Swedish fish, that represents the Great Lakes that I lived by for school. Not to mention, one-of-a-kind foil and toothpick fencing swords, you get the gist.



Here’s another photo complete with the thumbs up!

The cupcakes were lemon with homemade cream cheese frosting, delicious!

Thanks friends, for celebrating my special day, and for all of your efforts, I feel really loved. Shout outs to Meg, Ghiya, and Laur!