Happy Easter! And Go Redwings!

Ashamedly, this blog has fallen to the wayside for about a year- I found this draft from Easter 2014, and it’s almost Easter again! Naturally, life has been crazy- but better late than never! I’m determined to back-blog all of the baking projects from the past 10 months or so. My apologies if they aren’t all chronological- for the most part it won’t matter unless they are holiday related 🙂

Let’s pick up where I left off… We had a picnic on Easter to hang out and enjoy the day, and I wanted to bring some dessert. Cookies seemed like the most robust option to hold up on a hot day, so sugar cookies and macarons it was!


Getting some sugar cookie dough rolled out and shaped!

DSCN0310A lovely volunteer hand model…


All baked and ready for the royal (icing) treatment!


An assortment of Easter themed decorated cookies…


I was having a little fun with my new mason jar cookie cutter 🙂

I might add that this was around the Stanley Cup playoffs. Naturally my resident Red Wings fan had to make a few hockey-related cookies:


A Red Wings hockey jersey!


And… this is me getting a “sports education…” The ugly sweater is a lucky sweater belonging to Georgetown’s basketball coach. That’s basically all I picked up. Either way, I liked it for the cool retro vibe and colors ;).

On to macarons!

This was my first time making macaron shells- it was reasonably successful. I made plain shells with Nutella buttercream frosting for the filling. I used the recipe for the shells from Bravetart, as I have been avidly reading baking blogs and stumbled across hers.


I found that parchment paper worked best for my needs (I had tried using a silicon mat with the little indented circles, those did not work at all for me). Also, I probably should invest in better cookie sheets.    IMG_3091

The tiny sandwich cookies make me so happy, and I have no idea why.


I was proud at how they turned out for my first time- but I caught the “perfecting macaron” fever! More to come on that.

IMG_3095Happy Easter 🙂


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